Venue: The Veracious Brewery Tasting Room, 246 Main St, Monroe, CT 06468, (203) 880-5670

Time and Date: 6:30pm until 9:00pm on Wednesday May 10th

Presenter: Andy Tipler

Cost: $50 (payable in advance) + $8 for materials (for beer etc. – payable to instructor)

Sign-Up: At the Maltose Express Homebrew Store, 246 Main St. Monroe, CT 06468, (203) 452-7332,



This class is for homebrewers and enthusiasts that like sour ales. These beers are straightforward and very cost-effective to make but specialized knowledge and technique is often very helpful.

We will review the various types of sour ales and their key ingredients. We will then look at the brewing process at home particularly with respect to formulating a recipe and controlling the fermentation. Homebrewers who have had experience with all grain brewing should find the class particularly interesting.

Examples of several homebrewed and commercial sour beers will be provided during the class.

Note that not everyone likes sour ales, so check that you do before signing up for this class – you will get to sample a good variety.



  • Welcome, introductions and purpose of the class
  • What is sour ale? – an overview
  • Serving, tasting and evaluating sour beers
  • Types of sour ale and examples
    • Flanders Red
    • Flanders Brown
    • Belgian Lambic
    • Berliner Weisse
    • German Gose
    • English stock ale
    • American sour ales
  • Making a Sour Ale
    • Equipment
    • Formulating a recipe
    • Mashing grains
    • Boiling
    • Fermentation
    • Conditioning
    • Bottling
    • Storage
    • Commercial examples
    • Homebrewed examples
  • Micro-organisms and chemistry of sour beers
  • Fruit additions to sour ales
  • Blending sour ales
  • Trouble shooting
    • Too sour
    • Not sour enough
    • Off flavors
    • Sanitation



  • Notepad and judging forms
  • CD with copy of presentations and recipes
  • Maltose Express tasting glass



Andy Tipler brewed his first homebrew in England about 46 years ago. It was legal to do so then. In the USA homebrewing became legal in most states in 1978 – 15 years after the UK. When Andy moved with his job to the USA 23 years ago, one of the things he missed most was English beer in an English pub. There was nothing like it here except fizzy lagers that had no taste. Fortunately, help was at hand and the discovery of Maltose Express allowed him to brew good English beers at his home – which seems to get more like a pub as the years pass. Since that time, home brewing has exploded in the USA and great homebrewed beers started to be produced that were generally much better than those available commercially. Many homebrewers moved into commercial craft brewing which too has exploded. Throughout this time Andy has continued to develop his knowledge and skills as a homebrewer and now makes a wide variety of beers that are generally on the very strong side or are sour. Sour beers are becoming the new focus of craft brewing. Commercial examples of American sour ales are starting to become available but they’re difficult to find and can be very expensive. Being of British extraction, Andy prefers to brew his own sour ales to save money and has found that he is reasonably good at it. Many of his beers have been well placed in regional and national competitions. Andy is also a certified beer judge.

He is employed by a local analytical instrument company as a research scientist which has enabled him to give lectures, in a professional capacity, at national and international beer conferences on the analysis of beer.

Andy Tipler Photo P1060364s

The presenter seeking out the elusive Cantillon Gueuze in a well-aged beer cafe in Bruges, Belgium (there’s actually a bottle already in the plastic bag).

Free home brewing class on Saturday May 13th, 2017

We will be offering a free introduction to home brewing class on Saturday May 13th, 2017 from 10 am until noon.  This will be our 3rd class of 2017.

During this class Tess and Mark Szamatulski, owners of Maltose Express and the brewers at Veracious Brewing Company, will talk about brewing water, grain, malt extracts, hops and the brewing equipment while brewing a 5 gallon batch of beer.  They pass around grains for you to smell and taste, hops for you to smell and beer samples for you to drink.  It is a great way to associated the ingredients in beer with the final product.

This is a great class for new brewers or anyone who has questions about the brewing process.  The class is from 10 am until noon.  We limit the class to 50 attendees, so please register by calling, or stopping by the store.  Our number is 203 452-7332.

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January 1, 2017

Maltose Express/Coal House Pizza Homebrew Contest 06/06/2017 We will be holding a homebrew contest with Coal House Pizza this spring.  This will be an all style contest and entries are due on May 20, 2017.  You can drop the entries off at either Maltose Express or Coal House Pizza.  The top 6 entries will make […]

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