Book Signing on February 28th

Dr Terry Foster will be at Maltose on Saturday February 28th from 11-1pm signing copies of his new book BREWING PORTERS AND STOUTS. Terry is also the author of Pale Ales and the Porter book published by the AHA. We have the books at Maltose now and if you buy it before the 28th bring it in and Terry will sign it. I brewed one of his Robust porter recipes, Fateful Dread Porter and we will be serving it at the book signing. Dr Foster is a very knowledgeable person and also quite a character. Please stop by to meet Terry!
Terry Foster


Honeybee Keeping Class at Maltose Express.

Did you always want to keep honeybees but didn’t know how to get started?  On Saturday February 21th, 2015,  Maltose Express will be hosting a honeybee keeping class.  Mike Rice of Mike’s Beehives will be instructing the class.  He will go over the beginning steps of honeybee keeping which include:  An explanation of each hive part, installing bees into the hive, feeding your bees, the life cycle of a bee, how to register your bees with the state of Connecticut and why they should be registered, the different roles of bees, some of the typical problems you might encounter in honeybee keeping and harvesting honey.  Mike taught this class last year and we had a great turnout and enthusiastic students.  The class will run from 10am to 1:00 pm on Saturday February 21st and the cost is $45.  You can register by calling Maltose Express at 203- 452-7332.