Maltose Express Sponsored Beer Contests

Maltose Express, the home brew supply store in Monroe, Connecticut sells supplies for brewing beer and making wine at home and works with restaurants and home brew clubs to run and support home brewing contests during the year.  This is a great way for brewers to get honest feedback on their home brews.  Many of our contests are free to enter and your beers will be judged by experienced and certified judges.


5th Annual Maltose Express/Eli’s Restaurant Group Home Brew Contest Final Judging – Wednesday August 23, 7pm

We would like to than Eli’s Restaurant Group for hosting the homebrew contest final judging.

We would also like to thank the following breweries for serving their great beer at this event:

Last year’s winning beer, a great Dunkel by Jamie LUna, was tapped the evening of the final judging.  It is currently on tap at Veracious Brewing and will soon be on tap at the Eli’s locations.


1st Prize:  The winning home brew will be brewed by Tess and Mark at Veracious Brewing Company.  This beer will be featured on tap at all four of Eli’s locations and there will be a launch party for the beer as well!

2nd Prize: $250 gift certificate to Maltose Express.

3rd Prize:  $100 gift certificate to Eli’s.

All other brewers that make it to the finals will receive $25 gift certificates to Maltose Express and to Eli’s Restaurants.


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