We have crushed, cold soaked and pressed our remaining grapes and have these buckets and a few California and Italian juice buckets remaining.  If you have not made wine yet please stop in or call to see what juice is available.


New England IPA Class on Saturday November 5th, 10am until noon.

See our events page for more info.


We also have local hops for sale.  Our hop farmer Aaron, who supplied Veracious Brewing with the wet hops for this year’s WET hops ale has delivered some Cascade and Zeus.  These hops are from Monroe and Trumbull and are available in 4 oz. packages for $10.

Wine Season 2016

The weather in California has been extremely hot and dry this year and the grape harvest has started mid August.  Several varieties will not be available to us on the East Coast since they will have been harvested and turned into grape juice or wine by the time they ship from California.  We will be receiving our first trailers for the September 10th weekend.  Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio grapes will not be available to us this year.  Pinot Noir will only be available for the first weekend, September 10th.  All the grapes will have been delivered by October 8th so this will be a very early and short wine season.  The prices are higher for grapes and juice this year due to the increase in the labor costs for picking and packing the grapes.  If you wish to order grapes and juice please get your orders in by September 10th.  There is a $30 deposit for each bucket of juice and a $15 deposit for each case of grapes. The deposits are non-refundable.  If you do not have a grape crusher we will be crushing grapes in the morning on Saturdays September 17th, 24th, October 1st and 8th.  There is a $3.00 charge for crushing a case of grapes.  You will need to bring your own buckets or purchase them to put your crushed grapes in.  You can order grapes and juice in person at the store, by phone or online at our website.

Here are the order forms for fresh grapes and refrigerated grape juice that you can download

Grape Order Form 2016

Juice Order Form 2016



 We have frozen must from our 2011 through 2015 premier grapes.  The grapes have been crushed, de-stemmed, nitrogen purged, cold soaked and then frozen.   This is a top of the line product and there are single varietals from Napa, Suisun Valley, Paso Robles, Amador and Lodi.  We will be offering ½ gallon bags of these musts that can be added to a 6 gallon pail of juice.  Adding the grapes to the juice during fermentation will give your wine more flavor, color, tannin and aroma and many wine makers have used these musts in the last 2 years to enhance their wines.  The cost of the must is $14 per ½ gallon bag.

Maltose Express in Monroe, Connecticut sells wine making kits,  ingredients, equipment and supplies for making your own wine at home from wine grapes, fresh grape juice and wine concentrate kits.  This page is updated seasonally to talk about new products, events and the fresh wine making grapes and grape juice for sale.

On Tap at Maltose Express:

We have our clones of  Edelweiss Dunkel Weissbeer and Sculpin IPA with Grand Marnier added on tap for sampling.


Sale Items for Summer:

We have two beer kits on sale for this month, our clones of Brooklyn Summer and Brooklyn Pennant Ale.

Coffee Making Supplies:

We now stock equipment and supplies for roasting your own coffee at home. We carry the Fresh Roast SR500 coffee bean roaster, the AeroPress that will quickly brew your coffee and the following green beans: Ethiopian Natural Limmu Nigussie Edeto, Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1, Guatemalan Huehuetenango and Brazilian Cerrado.  You can roast your own beans at home and have fresh coffee each day.

Veracious Brewing Company.

Our brewery, which is located next to Maltose Express, has been named on of the best new 33 breweries in the United States by Beer Advocate Magazine for 2015.

Please stop in and try one of our beers when you are in the area.  Below is the link to our brewery webpage:



Gift Certificates:

We have gift certificates for both Maltose Express and Veracious Brewing Company that you can purchase in the store or tap room or you can call and we will send you the gift certificate by US Mail.


On Line Gift Certificates:

We now offer on line gift certificates.   Order online and you will receive a code that can be used on line for purchases for Maltose Express.


New Clone Beer Kits:

We have several new clone kits available.  They include Abbots Ale by Greene King, Alton’s Pride by FFF Brewing, Brother Thelonius by North Coast Brewing, Coffee House Porter by BBC, Dirty Bastard by Founders, Dominion Oak Barrel Stout by Old Dominion Brewing,  Double Agent IPL by Sam Adams, Drayman’s Porter by BBC, Entire Butt Porter by Salopian, Good King Henry by Old Chimneys Brewery, Highway 77 Scotch Ale a collaboration from Stone, Pizza Port and Green Flash, Hop Garden by Hogsback Brewery, Lost Sailor IPA by BBC, Lunch by Maine Brewing, Mackeson’s XXX Stout at 3% abv, Mo by Maine Brewing, Old Crafty Hen by Morland, Old Empire IPA by Marstons, Old Horizontal Barleywine by Victory, Rebel IPA by Sam Adams, Ruthless Rye by Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams Summer Wheat, Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point, Shark Attack Double Red from Port Brewing, Southwold Bitter by Adnams, Sue by Yazoo Brewing, Tumbler by Sierra Nevada, Union Jack by Firestone Walker, Wainwright Golden Ale by Thwaites Brewery, WipeOut IPA by Port Brewing, Captain’s Daughter and Sip of Sunshine.


New Products:

Here are a few of the new products we have in stock:

Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter from Fast Rack

Cider House Cider Making Equipment Kit

Cider House Select Cider Kits from Brewers Best including:  Apple, Cherry, Spiced Apple, Pear, Mixed Berry, Blueberry, Strawberry Pear, Pineapple, Peach Mango, Cranberry Apple, Cherry and Raspberry Lime.  These kits are gluten free and are ready in three weeks!

New Wine Expert Selection kits including:  Brunello, Montepulciano, Rioja, Petit Verdot, California Sauvignon Blanc Rose and Merlot.

We also just brought in the newest Orchard Breezin kit just in time for summer, Citrus Sunshine.  The fruit wine kits are ready in four weeks and make great cocktails also.

Please check our on line store for more information about these products:

On line Store:




Contest Results:

Final Judging for the home brew contest at Coal House Pizza was held in Stamford on Tuesday, October 28, 2014. Click here to read the article on the BOS judging and the award winners.



We held the second annual Elis Restaurant Group/Maltose Express contest on Wednesday, July 30th.  Click on the link below to read about the contest and the winners!



We held the second annual Maltose Express/Sierra Nevada customers choice IPA contest this summer.  Click on the link below to read about the contest and the winners!



Final Judging for the home brew contest at Coal House Pizza was held in Stamford on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.  Click the link below to read the article on the BOS judging and the award winners.



We were featured on Ct Style WTNH last week.  Here is the link to watch the segment on making beer.


Here is a link to an article the New Canaan News wrote about our talk at the New Canaan Library.  It was also in the Bridgeport Post on Monday, March 10th.


New Items at Maltose Express:

We have several new products including new 2.5 gallon, new 3 gallon and new 5 gallon Stainless Steel soda kegs from Italy.  These kegs are made of high quality stainless steel to NSF standards.  We inspected the kegs made in India and did not like the poppet valves being used which made it hard or sometimes impossible to push on the disconnects.  We also looked at the Chinese kegs but they are made of low grade stainless steel and eventually rust,  so we chose to sell the more expensive but higher quality Italian kegs.


Maltose Express has started selling 1 gallon batches of some of our recipes.  These are available in extract with specialty grain and all grain formats.
We also have  one gallon equipment kits for those of you who want to make one gallon batches.  Here is a link to the one gallon recipes.  http://www.maltosecart.com/1-gallon-beer-recipe-kits/

We have an 8 gallon stainless steel pot from Bayou Classic that comes with a false bottom, bazooka screen and attached thermometer and ball valve.



Beers to brew for Summer:

As the warmer weather arrives it is time to think about and start brewing beers that you can brew and drink in the summer.  Some of the clone kits that are wonderful for summer are SWI, Tim Taylor’s Landlord Bitter, Brooklyn Summer Ale, Founder’s All Day IPA, and Brooklyn Pennant Ale.  Whistable Oyster Stout is a great paired with clams and oysters.  Brew a Scottish Ale for sipping with barbecue.  It is also the beginning of the wheat, white and pale ale beer brewing season.  Think ahead for winter and brew a strong Belgian or Barleywine.  The yeasts for these beers like to ferment at warm temperatures.


We have frozen must from our 2011 through 2015 premier grapes.  The grapes have been crushed, de-stemmed, nitrogen purged, cold soaked and then frozen.   This is a top of the line product and there are single varietals from Napa, Suisun Valley, Paso Robles, Amador and Lodi.  We will be offering ½ gallon bags of these musts that can be added to a 6 gallon pail of juice.  Adding the grapes to the juice during fermentation will give your wine more flavor, color, tannin and aroma and many wine makers have used these musts in the last 2 years to enhance their wines.  You will pour the grapes into a muslin bag and place this into the bucket during primary fermentation.  Make sure to press the grapes down into the juice twice a day in order to get the most flavor and color from the grapes.  After primary fermentation simply squeeze the muslin bag to extract the juice from the grapes and then transfer the juice to the secondary fermenter.  The Must will cost $13 per ½ gallon bag.



We have added several new items over the last 6 months.
For winemakers we have oak spirals, oak balls,  Orchard Breezin fruit-based wine kits from R J Spagnols, the full line of Cellar Classic kits with grape skins and we now have two wines on tap for you to sample.

We have a great selection of propane burners that you can use for brewing beer and cooking outdoors.  Please follow this link to our web page to check out the new burners!  http://www.maltosecart.com/propane-burners/.

For home brewers we now carry new hops include El Dorado, Summit, Zythos and German Tradition and the Southern Hemisphere hops Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Pride of Ringwood, Green Bullet, Motueka, Pacific Gem, Pacific Jade and Pacifica.


We also have the following new grains in stock:  Briess Blackprinz Malt, Briess Caramalt, Briess Carapils Malt, Briess Goldpils Vienna Malt, Briess Midnight Wheat Malt, Briess Smoke Malt,  Munton’s 150L Dark Crystal Malt, Thomas Faucet Halcyon Pale Malt, Weyermann Cara Red Malt , Weyermann Oak-Smoked Wheat.


We also now carry and have in stock Blichmann burners, hop rockets, ThruMometers, wort chillers and beer guns.




We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for your support and patronage. As always we strive to provide you with the best produce, juice, supplies and service that we can.

Mark & Tess Szamatulski, the Maltose Staff
& our shop dog/brew dog Grady


About Maltose Express

Maltose Express in Monroe, Connecticut sells beer making and wine making ingredients, equipment  and supplies for brewing beer and making wine at home.  On this page we post data to keep you up to date on what’s going on at our store.

Celebrating their 25th year in business in 2016, Maltose Express owners Mark & Tess Szamatulski share their decades of award winning beer and wine making experience with new and long time customers from all over the United States, and around the world. From the beginning home brewer, hard cider, mead & wine makers, to more advanced brew masters & vintners, the entire staff at Maltose Express is here to assist you with all your beverage making needs.

We are Connecticut’s largest home brewing and wine making supply store and offer the largest inventory of beer and wine making ingredients, supplies and equipment in the Northeast.
For home brewers we stock many beer making supplies including 60 varieties of malted grain, 50 varieties of pellet hops and 20 varieties of flower hops and have over 1500 pounds of hops in stock for sale.  We carry all the Wyeast Labs liquid yeasts, some of the White Lab yeasts liquid yeasts and several varieties of dry yeasts as well, including Safale.  We carry dry malt extracts, liquid malt extracts, corn sugar, candi sugar in both rock candi form and liquid form, lactose, corn sugar, beer spices and everything else you might need to brew your next batch of beer.  We offer free introduction to home brewing classes many times during the year and give all grain brewing demos throughout the year.  We have been selling our Deluxe Home Brewers equipment kit for over 22 years and believe it is the best value for the beginning brewer in the country.  For the all grain brewers we will measure up your grain orders and crush them for you.  We have more that 450 clone and original recipes from around the world starting with our two books of clone recipes, “Clone Brews” and “Beer Captured”. Between them, these books contain 350 recipes from light Lagers to Barleywines, from Witbiers to the hoppiest of Imperial IPA’s. If there is a style of beer you would like to make, we have a recipe for you to brew a great beer in your own home.  All kits are available in extract with specialty grain, mini mash and all grain versions.
These recipes kits are for brewers who want to make beer that is similar to or better than the commercial beer you purchase.  All these kits are assembled with the finest ingredients and are true to their style.  We use over 60 types of grains, 50 types of liquid yeasts and 50 types of hops in these recipes to give you the best beer recipe kits in the country.  Some of our double IPA recipes have over 8 ounces of hops and up to 7 different varieties of hops in them.  We have brewed over 1000 beers during the past 20 years to tweak our recipes, some 3 or 4 times.  All the kits are available in extract, mini mash and all grain formats.

We also carry a full supply of home brew kegging and commercial kegging equipment and will help you with your particular kegging setup.

We always have two of our beers on tap for you to sample.  Please stop in and visit our store.

For the wine makers we sell equipment and supplies for making wine at home from wine grapes, grape juice and wine concentrate kits.  Each fall we order fresh California grape juice and wine grapes directly from the vineyards, refrigerate them and have them for sale at our store.  We source grapes from several regions in California including: Amador, Clement Hills, Lodi,  Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Sonoma and Suisun Valley.  In the spring, we look to South America and order fresh Chilean grapes and grape juice to keep our wine making customers busy year around. We also carry award winning wine kits that include everything you need to make your own wines for every season and occasion.  We stock home wine making equpment and supplies including: grape presses, grape crushers, demi johns, carboys, grape fermenting tubs, variable capacity Stainless steel fermenters, corkers, corks, airlocks and everything else you will need to make your wine.  There are always two wines on tap for you to sample here at Maltose Express.

Throughout the year at our shop in Monroe, CT we offer wine making and home brewing classes, as well as offering wine tasting classes where you can taste wine from around the world paired with regional dishes, as well as classes on how to make your own hard ciders, meads and cheeses.

Have a look around our online store, and if you’re ever in our part of Connecticut, please come by to visit our store and sample some of our great home brews, wines, hard ciders and meads.